“Przegląd Papierniczy” is a Polish professional paper magazine

that has been published every month for 77 years.


It is addressed not only to paper makers and converters, but also foresters, wood industry, publishers and printers, paper wholesalers, historians, archivists, librarians, environmentalists – all interested in the subject matter of papermaking and related industries.

Students of papermaking, paper converting, printing, commodity science, wood processing, etc. will find interesting information broadening their knowledge and interests.

In the "Przegląd Papierniczy" magazine, we present data on the latest global achievements of the pulp and paper industry and related industries. We also publish articles on modern printing and reprographic techniques, paying particular attention to the requirements set for paper substrates in these processes. We discuss issues related to automation and control, bioeconomy, circular economy, history of papermaking, paper conversation, machinery and equipment, packaging materials, metrology, standardization, environmental protection, packaging paper, graphic paper, tissue, packaging and speciality grades, chemical aids, technology, corrugated board, timber, packaging, energy, printing, chemical and process engineering etc.

We publish only unique, relevant and original content.


The scientific level of the journal is supervised by the International Scientific Board, composed of:


Professor dr hab. Ewa Ratajczak – scientific secretary at the Institute of Wood Technology in Poznan (Poland)

Professor dr hab. Barbara Surma-Ślusarska – independent expert, retired director of the Institute of Papermaking and Printing in Lodz University of Technology (Poland)

Prof. Jean-Francis Bloch – Grenoble Institute of Technology – Paper Physics (France)

Prof. Miloslav Milichovsky – independent expert from the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Dr Eero Hiltunen – Aalto University of Technology, Helsinki (Finlandia)


In accordance with its purpose and profile,the journal is edited by the Editorial Team:


Editor-in-Chief: dr hab. Eng. Paweł Wandelt – a retired professor at the Institute of Papermaking and Printing at the Lodz University of Technology

Deputy Editor: Joanna Wiatroszak, MA – representative of the Board of SIGMA-NOT Publishing House, chairwoman of the Publishing Committee of the Association of Polish Papermakers

Thematic Editors:

Jolanta Wiatroszak-Krysicka, MA – honorary member of the Association of Polish Papermakers

Aleksander Klepaczka, PhD Eng – Institute of Papermaking and Printing in Lodz University of Technology,

Mariusz Reczulski, PhD Eng – Institute of Papermaking and Printing in Lodz University of Technology

Statistical Editor: dr hab. Eng. Marek Kałuszka, professor at Institute of Mathematics of the Lodz University of Technology


Address of the Editorial Office:


Pl. Komuny Paryskiej 5A (pok. 704), 90-007 Łódź, Polska

tel./fax +48 42 633 54 23

e-mail: przegl.pap@t-system.com.pl



The publisher of the "Przegląd Papierniczy" is:


Wydawnictwo SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o.

ul. Ratuszowa 11, 00-950 Warszawa, Poland

tel. (22) 818 09 18, fax (22) 619 21 87

e-mail: sekretariat@sigma-not.pl



And the owner of the title is:


The Association of Polish Papermakers

Pl. Komuny Paryskiej 5a (pok. 806), 90-007 Łódź, Poland

tel./fax + 48 42 633 54 23




In each issue of the journal, we publish a minimum of two scientific and research articles in the field of broadly understood papermaking and related fields. Full versions of published articles can be found on the technical information website of the SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o .: www.sigma-not.pl


Uhle boxes – a way to condition press felts

Mariusz Reczulski

Filling losses in paper substrates of two- and three-layer photographs

Tomasz Kozielec

Thermographic measurement of web temperature

 in the paper production process

Paweł Pełczyński, Włodzimierz Szewczyk

Safety of using the book toys intended for children

Beata Grynkiewicz-Bylina, Bożena Rakwic

Measurement of liquid per meability of paper using image analysis

Konrad Olejnik, Paweł Pełczyński

Application of microwave moisture measurement methods to control

manufacturing process of corrugated board

Włodzimierz Szewczyk, Paweł Pełczyński, Łukasz Sobański

Polish Paper Organizations in the Interwar Period


Investigation of influencing factors on the strength

of adhesive binding of book blocks


The use of cellulose for filling losses

in paper substrates of one-layer photographs

Tomasz Kozielec

Application of scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

for rapid morphological analysis of cellulose fibers

and evaluation of their quality


Computer aided estimation of corrugated board box compression strength

Part 2. The sensitivity analysis in selected laboratory tests of corrugated board

Tomasz Garbowski, Lucyna Garbowska

Information system for productivity maintenance management


Creasing of Heavyweight Solid Cardboard

Bolesław Przybyliński

Investigation of the quality of foil embossed images on flocked cardboards

 Svitlana Havenko, Aleksandra Erdman, Yaroslav Uhryn, Volodymyr Bernatsek, Myroslava Kadyliak

Computer aided estimation of corrugated board box compression strength

Part 1. The influence of flute crash on basic properties of corrugated board

  Tomasz Garbowski, Izabela Czelusta, Łukasz Graczyk

Possibility evaluation of partial replacement of recovered pulp with

hemp pulp in order to quality improvement of recycled paper

Marzanna Marcinkowska, Marek Szadkowski

Model development of two-paramater half tone reproduction

in inking units of printing machines

Bohdan Durnyak, Georgij Petriaszwili, Mykola Lutskiv, Petro Kurka

Application of the theory of fuzzy logic to study the impact of paper

quality on the printing process

Bohdan Durnyak, Georgij Petriaszwili, Iryna Pikh, Vsevolod Senkivskyy

Efficiency of refining systems

Alicja Biel-Tyralska, Tomasz Tyralski

Suction press in a crescent former tissue machine

Mariusz Reczulski

A model for quality evaluation of tissue paper

Krzysztof Głowacki, Marta Onopa

One hundred years of Polish paper industry

 Maciej Szymczyk

Method of determining the weight of predicates

of semantic networks in publishing processes

Bohdan Durnyak, Iryna Pikh, Vsevolod Senkivskyy

Spare parts inventory management

Jerzy Lewandowski